Welcome to Classic Computing!

My first website logo from 1999!

Hi, this is David Greelish,

My outdated iWeb designed website has been retired. Please check back often as this webpage is created again from scratch. I’ll be reposting many of my independent articles, as well as new content.

My external articles & work: http://classiccomputing.com/index.php/about-me/

My LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidgreelish/

I have also started an exciting new project, to create a full documentary about the Apple Lisa. It’s to be called Before Macintosh: The Apple Lisa.

Douglas Engelbart’s work and the Xerox Alto/Star workstations were the progenitors of the GUI, but the Apple Lisa was clearly the “mother” and foundation for what we all use today — Macintosh — Windows — iOS — Android.

Documentary website: http://theapplelisafilm.com/

Email me at: david@classiccomputing.com