Classic Computing: The Complete Historically Brewed

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Classic Computing - the book!

It’s like getting the history of computer history nostalgia, all in one book!

All ten issues of the groundbreaking computer history “zine” (newsletter / magazine) Historically Brewed & Classic Computing - in one professionally bound volume. Also includes the personal background story of David Greelish, Publisher and Editor (writer for many of the stories too). The entire run of issues are accurately reproduced in their original format (five with two-color covers), 215 pages.

Get a preview and read the entire first issue of Historically Brewed online for FREE.

Also included inside the book, the never before released first (and last) issue of Classic Computing with original content (covers were printed in 1997). This was essentially Historically Brewed issue ten.

Historically Brewed was published from 1993 to 1997. It grew to a respectful 500+ subscription base and was even sold at the Smithsonian, American Computer Museum in Bozeman, Montana and The Computer Museum in Boston, MA (now the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA). Nine issues were published, with a tenth never completed (having changed the name to Classic Computing).

The history and stories of the zines don't age, and the other content from readers and contributors of the time have become interesting history in themselves.

“The book and magazine are both truly wonderful. Thanks for sharing your creative work with a new generation of fans. Phenomenal work and much, much appreciated.”

  1. -Randy P.

“Your book arrived on Thursday and I love it! I already had dozens of different vintage Magazines in electronic form (PDF), but to have a set of them nicely bound together as a "real" book is amazing. Also, I did not know the "Historically Brewed" series until now, so there's a lot to read for me… I also enjoyed your personal intro and learned that these vintage Magazines are in fact written (mostly) by yourself in the past. I also did not know that. So thanks again for your work and for letting others have a lasting piece of computing history.”

  1. -Roland A.

“ . . . and really enjoyed it. The whole thing was first-rate. Thanks for taking the time to do this. I don't think any of us truly realize what an important age we're living through; things are happening with technology that are permanently changing the world. It's great that there are folks like you preserving this history.”

  1. -Dan T.

James P. (a fan) reading a copy - thanks James!

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